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TWiV 364: It's not SARS 2.0


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This Week in Virology

Vincent Racaniello

New York, NY

Description: TWiV is a weekly netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Hosted by Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit, Alan Dove, Kathy Spindler, Dickson Despommier.

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TWiV 364: It's not SARS 2.0

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Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit, and Kathy Spindler

Guests: Ralph Baric and Vineet Menachery

Vincent, Rich, and Kathy speak with Ralph and Vineet about their research on the potential of SARS-like bat coronaviruses  to infect human cells and cause disease in mice.


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This episode is sponsored by Mt. Sinai Department of Microbiology (2:10), ASM Education (33:25), and the 32nd Clinical Virology Symposium (1:51:30)

Timestamps by Jennifer. Thanks!

Weekly Science Picks 1:53:00

Kathy - California Dept of Public Health
Rich - Leafy greens on space station
Vincent - Mechanical keyboards and TWiV on Perfect your podcast

Listener Picks

Jesse - Networking for Nerds by Alaina G. Levine
Russell - Worldmapper

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TWiV 363: Eat flu and dyad

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Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Alan Dove, Rich Condit, and Kathy Spindler

The TWiVers reveal influenza virus replication in the ferret mammary gland and spread to a nursing infant, and selection of transmissible influenza viruses in the soft palate.


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TWiV 362: Gotta catch 'em all

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Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, Alan Dove, Rich Condit, and Kathy Spindler

With their usual verve, the virus virtuosos illuminate a new method to identify all the viral nucleic acids in a sample, and regulation of viral gene expression by codon usage. 

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TWiV 361: Zombie viruses on the loose

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Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, Alan Dove, and Rich Condit

The TWiVsters discuss Frederick Novy's return from retirement to recover a lost rat virus, and evidence for persistence of Ebolavirus in semen.


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TWiV 360: From Southeastern Michigan

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Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Kathy Spindler

Guests: Michael Imperiale, Adam Lauring, and Akira Ohno

Vincent visits the University of Michigan where he and Kathy speak with Michael, Adam, and Akira about polyomaviruses, virus evolution, and virus assembly, on the occasion of naming the departme...

TWiV 359: A Blossom by any other name

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Host: Vincent Racaniello

Guest: Blossom Damania

Vincent speaks with Blossom about her laboratory's research on Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus, including how it transforms cells, the switch between lytic and latent replication, and its interaction with the innate immune system of the ho...

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