The SAGEClinician Podcast with Barbara C Phillips, NP

The SAGEClinician Podcast with Barbara C Phillips, NP

Barbara C Phillips, NP, FAANP

Description: Smart, Astute, Gutsy and Enlightened Clinicians

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Job Hunting Like a Professional-NPBS27

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The majority of clinicians - nurse practitioners and physician assistants are not business owners, but employees. However, even though we focus on business here, all professionals are business and need to understand that...

Billing Incident-To? Here are the Rules - NPBS26

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Does the idea of Incident To billing leave you perplexed? Are you working with individuals who insist that all your visited be billed out as incident-to? Well, this is what we are going to talk about today on the NPBusiness Show podcast.


025 SAGEClinician is now The NPBusiness Show

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Podcasting Again! SAGEClinician is now the NPBusiness Show!

Welcome to the new NPBusiness Show and podcast. You might remember this show as the SAGEClinician podcast. In this episode you'll hear:

Why I have not published in a while.

Why I changed the name

Some announcements:...

SCP24: Integrative Wellness with Johnetta Miner, PhD, NP

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Dr. Miner is a women's healthcare provider and a holistic NP working in New York State. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Miner is broadcasting the "HEALth Practitioner Podcast" and publishes on her website,""...

SCP23: Nursing From Within with Elizabeth Scala

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On this episode of SAGEClinician I have the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN.

Elizabeth Scala, author, speaker, certified Reiki Master and nurse, describes herself as a spiritual practice nurse, on a mission to shift her profession of nursing from the inside out...

SCP22: Technology for Clinicians with Brittney Wilson, The Nerdy Nurse

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On this Episode of SAGEClinician:

Get ready for my guest Brittney Wilson, who has transformed ‚Äúchallenges‚ÄĚ at work into real life resources to help other nurses.

Find out how she has combined her clinical expertise with her love for technology to help countless nurses and their patients...

SCP21: Burnout and Heart Cleansing with Samantha Alvarez, NP

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About this Episode of SAGEClinician:

On this episode of SAGEClinician Samantha and I talk about professional burnout and steps we can take to prevent and recover from it.

We also talk about travel, self care. Samantha talks about her year of heart cleansing and what it means...

Nurse Practitioners on SAGEClinician Podcast

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About this Episode of SAGEClinician:

On this episode of SAGEClinician, I talk about Nurse Practitioners, and share a few soundbites I recorded at the AANP Speciality and Leadership Conference held last month in Naples Florida.

NP Background...

SCP20: Reeger Cortell, FNP: Weight Loss Surgery Podcast

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About this Episode of SAGEClinician:

On this episode of SAGEClinician  I have the privilege of speaking with Reeger Cortell, FNP. She is likely one of the very first NPs to podcast. Her topic is also her area of clinical expertise...weight loss surgery. On the podcast, she not only talks about iss...

SCP18: Dino Soriano, FNP_ClinicalMatchMe

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I need a preceptor...what now?

On a daily basis, I hear from nurse practitioner students on social media, in email and private messages who are desperate for a preceptor. Often they have been turned down multiple times and are at their wits end...
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