The SAGEClinician Podcast with Barbara C Phillips, NP

SCP24: Integrative Wellness with Johnetta Miner, PhD, NP


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The SAGEClinician Podcast with Barbara C Phillips, NP

Barbara C Phillips, NP, FAANP

Description: Smart, Astute, Gutsy and Enlightened Clinicians

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SCP24: Integrative Wellness with Johnetta Miner, PhD, NP

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Dr. Miner is a women's healthcare provider and a holistic NP working in New York State. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Miner is broadcasting the "HEALth Practitioner Podcast" and publishes on her website,"".

Having done previous solo podcasts on a variety of health topics, her current podcast the "HEALth Practitioner Podcast" focuses on different healing modalities accessible to clinicians and consumers alike.The HEALth in her podcast stands for HEAL: Holistic, Engaged, Authentic, Leaders...

The show introduces practitioners utilizing various modalities and  discusses how clinicians and patients can integrate them into their communities. You can find the podcast at

Dr. Minor also owns her integrated health website, Here she works with consumers, clinicians and business owners who want to improve their health and lifestyle.

Her website provides information on holistic health, touch healing, acupuncture, auricular acupuncture and general health information. She also provides access to a dispensary, where she can prescribe supplements for clients she works with in a coaching capacity.

Dr. Minor points out that many healthcare institutions today have some form of holistic health integrated in their patient care. Many utilize therapies such as essential oils, Bach flower therapy, homeopathy, aroma therapy and healing touch therapy.

Also, many educational institutions today offer training programs on integrative healthcare and integrative practices.

Dr. Minor herself utilizes Reiki (and she is a Reiki master teacher), essential oils, auricular acupuncture and other modalities in her work. She believes that you become more integrative when you integrate the modality into your service and practice it yourself.



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