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SCP23: Nursing From Within with Elizabeth Scala


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The SAGEClinician Podcast with Barbara C Phillips, NP

Barbara C Phillips, NP, FAANP

Description: Smart, Astute, Gutsy and Enlightened Clinicians

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SCP23: Nursing From Within with Elizabeth Scala

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On this episode of SAGEClinician I have the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN.

Elizabeth Scala, author, speaker, certified Reiki Master and nurse, describes herself as a spiritual practice nurse, on a mission to shift her profession of nursing from the inside out.

Applicable to all healthcare professionals but directed toward nurses, her goal is to see you reconnect with the original passion and desire that led you to enter your profession to begin with.

Healthcare professionals today deal with high stress levels resulting from growing workloads, increasing regulations and complex technologies. All of this removes us further from our core mission – helping our patients. For this very reason the ability to take care of one-self is becoming ever important.

Elizabeth knows that Reiki is one avenue that allows us to do just that.

Even though difficult to explain in words, Reiki is a spiritual healing modality that allows us to return balance to our lives. It is a holistic practice that encourages healing and homeostasis to return to all aspects of life.

Reiki is already utilized in healthcare in work with patients in hospice, in work with chronic pain conditions, PTSD work and many other areas.

Elizabeth suggests that we also utilize Reiki to take care of ourselves and promote our own healing. After all, how can we take care of others if we don’t strive to be whole, complete and healthy ourselves?

A speaker and trainer, Elizabeth teaches a variety of Reiki classes. Her focus has shifted from the conventional “taking care of self” limited to proper eating and exercising to a much broader approach.

She calls her new model “Nursing from within” where the prime focus is on connecting with your authentic self. Taking care of yourself and doing what you truly enjoy, will help you get back in touch with the original reasons you entered the nursing profession.

WHO is Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Scala publishes on her own blog and you can listen to her podcast “Reiki Radio: An Rx for Self-Care in Healthcare” where she talks to Reiki professionals, researchers, teachers and authors about the power of Reiki.