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Why Add Your Show to ProMed?

The ProMed Network offers audio and video content creators a host of benefits to help them grow their shows.

  • Player badge and code - put the ProMed Network player in your site's sidebar and everyone can play your show anytime they visit using the ProMed Network Pop-up player.
  • Free program statistics - use our free statistics integration to see what your downloads and player stats are. Our system is compliant with the Association for Downloadable Media Guidelines so you and your advertisers can trust the numbers.
  • Advertising opportunities - Earn money on your show. We offer you the opportunity to have your show included in advertising deals with major companies in and outside the medical marketplace. All deals are optional and you can pick and choose which are right for you. (must use our stats service with all advertising deals)
  • Earn extra thru commissions - Bring your valuable medical contacts to the ProMed Network and if they advertise - you get 10% of the who network deal off the top for the first year!
  • Cross promotion - the ProMed Network gives you the opportunity to cross promote your show with other programs on the network. Bring on another host as an interview guest or just play a promo for each other's shows.
  • No hijacked RSS feeds - we don't hijack your feed. Your show appears here and there is always a link back to your original episode and site. Think of it as a way to syndicate without all of the hassle.
  • Easy to understand Terms of Service - No one likes legalese - especially our lawyer! Read our easy to read terms of service to understand what we do for you and what you can do for us. (Easy to Read Terms page)

So what are you waiting for? Sign your medical audio or video program up for the ProMed Network now!

Note: Program submissions are moderated, you will be notified by the system administrator when your program has been approved.

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Medical and Health Conference Coverage

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